Inter- and intraindustrial Job-to-Job Flows. A Linkage Analysis of Regional Vacancy Chains in Austria

Christine M. Aumayr


Nine Austrian NUTS 2 inter- and intraindustrial job-to-job worker flows for 33 industries
are analysed by means of input-output techniques, with these job-to-job flows being
an intermediate input in the production of filled vacancies. A new dataset on individual
labour market episodes allows for the tracing of individual careers. A linkage analysis
of the Leontief multiplier shows that business services, wholesale&retail and the metal industry
are ‘key’ industries in for- and backwarding employment, whereas construction
and tourism exert an impact on other regional industries by absorbing workers upon aggregate
external shocks. These findings can be incorporated in industrial employment
forecasts or utilized in regional labour market impact studies.

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